Conspiracy - An Interactive Text Adventure
By Mr. Ferrante

Program Updated March 4, 2001

Newest release: Conspiracy! Text Adventure Game (Level 1/2a)

This is a project I got really into one summer. Although it's dead now, I'd consider picking it back up as a collaborative project. If any of you want to work on this project with me, here's what you need to know. You should have some programming experience and the capability to learn a new system quickly. The program is written in Inform. Maybe we could form a mini club or something. The project involves the following:

Meanwhile, if you've never played an interactive text adventure game, check out Zork I online. This is one of the first well-known text adventure games that stands as an icon, much like Pac-man does for classic arcades.

Level 2 is now explorable, but is still under development. Also, several items have been fixed since the first release. For example, you automatically exit the oasis.
Download the newest release here: Conspiracy! Text Adventure Game (Level 1/2a)

Only the first area of the game is complete. (The second area is mapped and coded, but not included in this version.) You play the role of a ... hey wait... I can't tell you - it's top secret! You'll see why. In the version above:

To get out of the Bubbling Oasis, type EXIT

There are a number of things that have been fixed since the version here. If you find something quirky (or that you think SHOULD be a valid command) please e-mail me. I may not have fixed it yet.